The Company

Based in Sunny South Africa, MoleculeX is a leading innovator in low­ power, wide-­area network technologies, software, hardware and firmware development and complete end-to-end network infrastructure design and operations that power the Internet of Things (IoT). The company was founded in 2014 by a group of like-minded engineers. We excel in taking a concept from initial hardware design all the way through to the delivery of a commercial product and have done so for dozens of enterprises around the world, including smart cities, municipalities, agriculture, retail, and utilities.

Why MoleculeX?

We are confident if you decide to work with us we can knock it out of the park on your project. Our experience and attention to detail is something we’re very proud of.

On-Demand Scale

Whenever you might need it, we can quickly provide additional capacity to any scale.

Bright Ideas

Each of our team members has a wealth of experience to bring to any strategic discussion.

Agile Delivery

We think work happens better in iterations, with regular reviews to find ways to improve.

Built With Love

Every line of code is strength-tested and future-proofed with close attention.